The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 6 ~ And The Abyss Gazes Back

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 6 ~ And The Abyss Gazes Back

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

It really is quite impressive that Sleepy Hollow manages to open each episode with a light touch and some of that very special Ichabod Crane humor. As much as I love to watch Ichabod do a little bit of downward dog in that warmly lit room with his long, wavy locks freed from that ponytail, I too, would prefer to sit my double jugs down onto a bar stool and imbibe an alcoholic beverage.

So, what will it be this week Sleepyheads? What little known supernatural creature will pop up and inject chaos into Abbie and Ichabod's life and how will it tie into Henry's master plan? A Wendigo? I love a Wendigo!  A really lovely Shawnee legend that turns our young Joe Corbin into a skinwalker. Now, how on earth does one become a Wendigo? Well, one possible avenue is to touch a letter covered in ground up bone dust that has been cursed by Mr. Parish. (So, that is what he wanted the Pied Piper's flute for.) Why did Henry choose the young Corbin? Joe Corbin is the one person who knows the location of a very potent poison that Henry will then watch turn into a spider; this spider will then crawl into Katrina's mouth and possess her next episode. 

You got all of that?

OM...nom nom nom
Good, because we're not done yet. Henry also tricked Captain Irving (remember him?) into giving up his soul and the only way to get your soul back is to take the life of another human being. Well, Irving is too good of a man for that. Or is he? How convenient that the drunk driver who paralyzed Irving's daughter happens to be incarcerated in the same facility? When Irving finally confronts the drunk driver, he begins to attack him, but then has a flashback to the vision of him becoming a demon possessed badass and decides against it. Understand? Irving was going to kill drunk driving dude, but chose to remain a good man because, "those who fight monsters should see to it that in the process they do not become one." Irving has now officially put all of his faith into Abbie and Ichabod defeating Henry and reversing all of this. 

Although this sounds like a really big responsibility, Ichabod and Abbie are the kind of people who are only mildly stressed about obtaining the blood of the Wendigo by means of a very specific knife and then transferring that blood into a human skull that has a Shawnee chant carved into it. Easy-peasy.  

Sleepy Hollow is undeniably charming, but they are really starting to stretch plausibility and people's memories with these monster of the week episodes. I get it: much like Fringe, they are hoping that creating episodes that can be viewed on their own might entice new viewers. By also including all of the wakcadoo mythos, it will still keep all of us Sleepyheads pleased as well. The problem with this formula is that it always backfires sooner or later. Even more concerning is the fact that Sleepy Hollow's first season was a linear storyline and now, in the second season, they are breaking it up in an effort to get a bigger audience. Hmm... that is not how X-Files, Fringe or Supernatural did it. It is, however, how Veronica Mars did it and it was cancelled soon after.

Don't get me wrong, I want everyone to enjoy the wonder that is Ichabod Crane, but I also don't want to be subjected to overly fractured storytelling for too long, either. On that note, I am also becoming mildly concerned by the amount of Ichabod humor in this episode. It's delightful, for sure, but there seems to be more and more each episode. Remember when Glee (which Ichabod watches) began catering too much to the whims of the viewers? It wasn't a good thing.

While Sleepy Hollow is still very enjoyable, this TV Baby is a wee bit concerned over some of the choices that are being made. Please, please, please let's maintain the integrity of what makes this show so very special: even if that means sacrificing a few new viewers.