The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow ~ Season 2, Episode 2 ~ "The Root of All Evil"

Sleepy Hollow ~ Season 2, Episode 2 ~ "The Root of All Evil"

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Oooh girl, I love me some biblical stories! Only in the town of Sleepy Hollow could Judas and his 30 pieces of silver find their way to Benedict Arnold and is Ichabod able to connect the two because of a secret mission that he was on for George Washington. Seriously, how does this very particular plot line actually work and not seem crazy? Writers of Sleepy Hollow, I bow to you. You are always in on your own joke and you are the first to wink a snarky eye at the sheer level of audacity that you are able to achieve by bringing Ichabod Crane into the modern world. You also singlehandedly absolved the biggest traitor in American history of responsibility. It was the coin's fault. Mazel to you!

This episode was chock full of classic Ichabod moments. His face when the young lady at the mental institution asked if Abbie was checking him in as a new patient was gold. Upon seeing the two men holding hands inside of a restaurant, he inquires if this is now considered acceptable. As Abbie explains that same-sex marriage is totally cool, Ichabod says, "I meant gentlemen wearing hats indoors" and then he goes on deliver this zinger... "also, I watched the finale of Glee." He refers to Sheriff Reyes as Madam Sheriff, goes on a rant about his freedom to be in the police station only to be dumbfounded by the fact that he has no identification and finally, becomes mildly unglued over the absolute historical inaccuracy of a bottle of Sam Adams.

Introducing Mr. Hawley: a collector of supernatural objects and a former alum of Harper's Island! Having just finished re-watching that show, it was very exciting to see someone from the island again. Ichabod instantly finds Hawley's machismo and sense of humor unlikable and this only makes their dynamic that much more fun. I'm quite certain we will see more of Hawley and it was, indeed, very sweet of him to provide Ichabod with proper identification.
Oh Henry, what are you doing building that model of Sleepy Hollow? I have a very bad feeling that this is not a Beetlejuice moment, but rather some sort of dark magic voodoo doll kind of situation. As he tells his own father, "You haven't begun to know fear or sadness," it is a little heartbreaking to watch Ichabod try to control his emotions while Henry seems to wear his sorrow and anger proudly on his sleeve. As useless as Katrina can seem, perhaps she is onto something with acting as a mole. She certainly has brought up a valid point about Henry moving into the very house that he was born in. Sure, he sets the bed on fire, but he chose that house. What devious plans does the Horseman of War have planned for our beloved residents of Sleepy Hollow?

As not to be unbalanced with humorous Ichabod moments, us Sleepyheads were granted with some truly lovely moments between Abbie and Ichabod as well. Abbie finally lets the cat out of the bag regarding how she feels about Katrina by not saying anything to which Ichabod challenges,"Your silence in the matter of my wife is most telling. Do you believe I should not have allowed her to remain with the Horseman?" Oh Ichabod, you truly are a man in the wrong century; you're lucky that you have Abbie to set you straight by reminding you...

"Allowed her?! She's: 1) a grown woman, 2) a witch, and 3) a redhead; you couldn't have stopped her if you tried." 

Of course, the best moment was one of those swoon worthy moments between Ichabod and Abbie. As the two realize that they are surrounded by people whose allegiance they may not yet be sure of, Ichabod says, "What matters now more than ever is that you and I stay true. Trust is the only currency with any value. All other forms are too easily counterfitted. Everything is in motion now. The battle lines are drawn, but which side each of the players fall, remains to be seen."

Yet there is much sorrow to be felt in Sleepy Hollow as well. Abbie finds out that her mother was literally tormented trying to keep her and Miss Jenny safe while Captain Irving is told that he must remain in the mental hospital if he wants to stay safe. Henry Parrish seems to have many things in motion and none of them are good and I cannot wait to see what else is awaiting our precious Ichabod and Abbie and how they will conquer it. Together.