The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Runaway Brain'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Runaway Brain'

A Nostalgic Cartoon Feature by Shannon

This article came up after we did the PG-13 Horror podcast and I was thinking back to my youth with creepy cartoons that I saw and this Disney cartoon comes to mind.

I first saw this short in theatres in 1995, when A Goofy Movie was released and Runaway Brain was the animated short that played before the film (I wish we still have cartoons playing in theatres, I’d rather watch old Tom and Jerry shorts than another commercial!) and suffice to say my mind was well...blown.

The cartoon starts off with Minnie Mouse visiting Mickey’s house, in which he is embroiled in a video game. She tells him that he forgot the anniversary of their first date (... do we still celebrate those? I’m lucky to remember my wedding anniversary!)

In a pinch, Mickey tells her that he was “planning” to surprise her, however, she interpreted the date as a trip to Hawaii rather than a trip to the mini-golf course. So now Mickey is caught in his lie and he has to come up with money to buy the tickets for the trip.

Mickey looks in the newspaper and finds an easy, one day job that pays him the exact amount of money he needed. What could go wrong?

Reference? I don't know what reference you speak of!
So as the ominous screenshot suggested, Mickey is lured into a science experiment of Dr. FrankenOllie who is planning to switch Mickey’s brain with the behemoth monster he created named “Julius." The switch is thrown, the electricity sparks and the experiment begins.

...This is a kids cartoon...right?
Mickey recovers only to find himself switched bodies with the monster. In an attempt to convince Julius, Mickey inadvertently makes Julius fall in love with Minnie and the monster runs off with Mickey’s body. 

Mickey in Julius’ massive body follows after him as he tracks down Minnie in a clothing store looking for a bathing suit for the vacation.

Why is she buying a bikini when she doesn't have any tits?
The rest of the short is the chase between Mickey, Julius and Minnie, as Mickey attempts to save Minnie and fight Julius for control of his body. 

This is one of my most favourite Disney shorts, not only for the story but for the amazing artwork, animation and subtle horror movie references. After the showing in theatres, it was never shown again due to parents’ complaints about the cartoon scaring their children

...and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame them for being scared. This animated short had some creepy ass imagery going on.

Nevertheless, this short appeals to me and my inner child. Its nice to see cartoons that can push the envelope and have fun with it (and it looks like the animators had fun making it too!)