The Horror Honeys: Saturday Gamer Jam - 'Kat's Song'

Saturday Gamer Jam - 'Kat's Song'

When I met you, I must have been out my mind
Everybody said, "He'll do you wrong"
But you kiss me
For awhile you were kind
And every dream begins so sweetly
Then it goes to hell, completely

My game review for today was of Compulsion's Contrast, and one of the reasons I love it so much was the music. Outside of the jazzy noir soundtrack, the game actually featured two vocal tracks from performer Laura Ellis. She sang as in-game character Kat Knight, a lounge performer, loving mom, and all-around classy dame who had fallen on hard times. The songs themselves are beautifully written, but in both cases, it's all about Ellis's voice. She has the smokey cool style and electric tone of a woman who learned to sing in a 20s cabaret, without the downside of having to live through the depression. Contrast is a beautiful game, but it wouldn't be half as engaging without the music of Laura Ellis...

Tonight's Honey Jam is the Main Theme from Contrast, "Kat's Song..."