The Horror Honeys: Saturday Animated Jam ~ 'Me & Mr. Wolf'

Saturday Animated Jam ~ 'Me & Mr. Wolf'

I have the thing you love,
But the need in me is way too much
And why, open wide?
One of us may be lost inside
Me or you, one of us is going to need to die...

UK band The Real Tuesday Weld is fantastic for more reasons than we could fit in the space used on our Honey Jams. But one of my favorites is that they work with author Glen Duncan to write companion albums for his supernaturally-themed novels. While I, Lucifer was great fun, The Last Werewolf is by far the best. And most fabulous of all? All of the videos for the album were animated: as a result, we get to see the love affair between a werewolf and a femme fatale play out in glorious technicolor. By the end, you'll be asking yourself, which is more dangerous?