The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Jam ~ 'Tonight You Belong to Me'

Horror TV Jam ~ 'Tonight You Belong to Me'

Lay down
By the stream
How sweet
It will seem
Once more
Just to dream
In the moonlight
My honey, I know, I know
With the dark
That you will be gone
But tonight
You belong to me

This is the song that started it all... Now know as American Horror Story: Murder House, it was the season that set our expectations sky high for what was to come. How innocent we were back then, expecting that every season could meet the standards of this twisted haunted house filled with blood, guts, and real ghostly history. And nothing will ever top this first moment filled with promise, in the very first episode of AHS, soundtracked by singing sisters Patience & Prudence, in which we watched two red-headed asshole twins try and vandalize the wrooooong house. Horror TV would never be the same... And thank goodness for that.