The Horror Honeys: Horror Game Cosplay Feature ~ Fem Issac from Dead Space

Horror Game Cosplay Feature ~ Fem Issac from Dead Space

A Gamer Honey Cosplay Feature by Kaley

Dead Space is a game I have a serious love/hate relationship with. Love in that it's truly a work of delightful terror and hate in that I now can never trust any "dead" monsters on the ground and must shoot everything lying in my path; but Dexa Cosplay dug out her own little space in my heart with her amazing cosplay of Issac Clarke.

"Dead Space has always been my favorite game series (tying with The Legend of Zelda, let's be honest) and I've always told myself that one day I would build the Engineering Suit. One day I just decided to stop thinking I couldn't tackle something that big and to just go for it, and poof! Engineer suit. And for the blood and gore on the suit, well, come on. No engineer is taking on THAT many necromorphs and coming out clean."

Photos by Undiscovered Photography at the 2014 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo.

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