The Horror Honeys: Honey Viral Vid Buzz ~ If Your Favorite Final Girl Was a Boy...

Honey Viral Vid Buzz ~ If Your Favorite Final Girl Was a Boy...

Imagine your favorite scene from your favorite horror movie. Maybe it's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Or perhaps it's Halloween. It could even be Nightmare on Elm Street. Imagine the iconic scene in the bathtub, as Nancy falls asleep in the tub, and is unsettlingly stalked by Freddy Krueger's hand, slinking slowly through the water, inching closer to the bubble-shielded area between her teenage legs. Now... imagine that scene just a little bit differently.

What just changed? Well... everything.

A fabulous new video from Buzzfeed has taken three classic scenes from horror movies, Scream, Psycho, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and replaced the female victim with a man who is dressed/undressed identically and performs identical actions. When you first watch the video, you'll probably laugh. You may think the side-by-side comparisons look ridiculous. But the question the video is asking is, "why?"

This brilliantly performed and edited short sums up what some of us paid an entire semester's worth of tuition in film studies to learn: women are treated differently in horror because society sees women as inherently different than men... weaker, more helpless, and more likely to be the victim of a horror movie slasher. Would society ever take a horror movie seriously in which a man were placed in Janet Leigh's position in Psycho? The answer is sadly no. But we can hope that some brilliant writer out there is working towards a shift in gender politics in horror films. Because the Horror Honeys would be the first in line for a movie like the ones shown in this video.

A special shoutout to filmmaker and Guest Honey Tonjia Atomic for bringing this to our attention!