The Horror Honeys: Honey Radio ~ James Zeruk ~ Peg Entwistle Biography

Honey Radio ~ James Zeruk ~ Peg Entwistle Biography

Welcome to a Special Edition of Honey Radio hosted by the Revenge Honey!

Peg Entwistle is one of the most well-know names in Hollywood, and yet somehow, almost nothing was truly know about the actress, outside of rumors and myth. For decades, people believed that the young actress, who took her life in 1932 at 24 by jumping from the Hollywood, did so because of a failed career. But like most stories, Peg's was far more complicated. It took biographer James Zeruk Jr. seven years, but with the help of Peg Entwistle's surviving family, he wrote the definitive biography of a woman that should be heralded as both a brilliant actress and an early feminist icon.

We were lucky enough to speak with Zeruk about Peg: her dreams, her dark side, and most of all, the truth about a woman that who's life was so much more than just her death.

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