The Horror Honeys: Honey Hexmas Recipe ~ Dracula's Dentures!

Honey Hexmas Recipe ~ Dracula's Dentures!

This week's Honey Hexmas Recipe is insanely easy, absolutely adorable, and will make you a huge hit at your next Halloween party. So get ready for a sweet little treat knows as... Dracula's Dentures!

You can buy this ENTIRE recipe at the store and assemble it yourself, so I won't include a recipe for the sugar cookies. But they are easy enough to find if you want one!

~ Store-bought sugar cookies (24)
~ Vanilla frosting, tinted red or pink
~ A bag of miniature marshmallows
~ Slivered, blanched almonds

Cut each cookie in half for a total of 48 halves.

Frost the bottoms of the cookie halves. Place six marshmallows around curved part of 24 cookie pieces. Top with the leftover 24 halves. For extra support, add an additional marshmallow to the back of the cookies. Put two almond slivers in between teeth to show off Drac's fangs! If you're feeling creative, add some food coloring blood drops where you wish. 

You'll be left with a Hexmas snack so yummy, even Nosferatu will line up for seconds!