The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Xmas Favorite (?) Christmas Evil Coming to Blu-ray!

Honey Buzz ~ Xmas Favorite (?) Christmas Evil Coming to Blu-ray!

"I saw mommy schtupping Saaaaanta Claaaaaus!"

As The Horror Honeys discovered last year during our Dyslexic Santa event, there are a LOT of Christmas horror movies. For whatever reason, Lewis Jackson's Christmas Evil is one of the most beloved, but everyone from John Waters to... well... probably someone reading this news. And now, you will be able to see this D-movie masterpiece in a glorious and loving blu-ray remaster. Because who wasn't asking for that, really?

Vinegar Syndrome, a restoration and distribution company that focuses in exploitation films, is easily one of the most dedicated companies currently in the remastering game. They tireless work to track down lost films and then remaster the movies they find only to recreate the original theatrical experience, which is key to enjoying an exploitation film the way it was meant to be seen.

Best of all, each month, Vinegar Syndrome releases a package deal that you purchase, which includes all of their most recent remasters. So if you pre-order now, you can get Christmas Evil, Pretty Peaches, and one of 500 limited edition copies of Murder on the Emerald Seas (while they last of course!) AND you will also get a free copy of the Fantastic Orgy/Champagne Orgy double feature. And it's all only $51.70. So you kind of can't lose.

If you HAVEN'T seen Christmas Evil, and I'm torn as to whether or not you're the lucky ones, the movie is about a Santa-loving kid who inadvertently sees his mom getting it on with Santa and then grows up to be a borderline pedophile/serial killer who takes it upon himself to murder bad adults and threaten bad boys and girls. Then he flies off into the sky in his windowless stabbin' cabin. So, you know, it's a holiday film for certain kinds of people. But now, you can enjoy it on blu-ray. Merry X-Mas!