The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ What the Hell is Up with Haunts this Year?

Honey Buzz ~ What the Hell is Up with Haunts this Year?

All throughout October, Halloween haunts, including mazes, walk-throughs, and haunted houses, are mainstays for horror fans. The popularity of haunted attractions has risen considerably in recent years, especially when it comes to massive events like Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. But this year, it seems like things are going epically wrong in a few of the major haunted attractions. The question is... why?

Variety recently reported that while visiting Halloween Horror Nights, a trio of 13-year-old girls were pulled up on stage at The Purge: Anarchy stage show, and called, "slut," "whore," and "hooker" by the actors. Then, they were offered up for auction to the audience, at which point a grown man offered a $1 for one of the girls. When the girls told their mothers what happened, they repeatedly tried to speak to Universal about the incident but were rebuffed. At that point, the mother hired attorney Gloria Allred, who is now demanding a policy change and an apology from Universal. 

Now, like me, your fist instinct might be to blame the parents for allowing young girls to attend an event like this at all. However, Halloween Horror Nights has no age restriction and the actors who work in the haunt have a script they are required to work from. When they engaged in this very specific, gender-based, taunting, they went way off book. Universal claims they are looking into and addressing the incident, so we will definitely be keeping an eye on this issue.

And of course, Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare has been a source of relentless bad taste and controversy for the past two years. When I lived in Los Angeles, I heard nothing but stories about women being groped and fondled as they walked through the blackout portion of the mazes. And now, Zombie has pushed it just a little bit further by proving he has absolutely zero respect for some of the worst moments in American history.

And women. No respect for women at all.

Zombie's Nightmare is apparently a massive in-joke for people who find serial killers hilarious, because when he was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune about the "murder rooms" in his haunt, he was infuriatingly glib:

“The Gacy room is funny. Last year what it was was these little dead kids lying around and John Wayne Gacy is sitting in the chair folding balloon animals for you. ... There probably will be (backlash). There was last year in California. They didn’t like the Manson one because that was a California issue. ... This is the home of all serial killers — the Midwest. So they’ll hate everything, I guess.”

The reason Californians didn't like the Manson room was because it featured a very realistic, post-stabbing pregnant Sharon Tate mannequin. But yeah, clearly they just have no sense of humor.

Additionally, the majority of the complaints about the Great American Nightmare are that the tickets are insanely expensive, the lines are long and disorganized, and none of it worth the money.

So what do you think about all these haunt problems? Is it a buyer-beware situation, or do the haunt-owners owe people some explanations?