The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: Watch Tom Cruise Die Over & Over & Over...

Honey Buzz: Watch Tom Cruise Die Over & Over & Over...

Here at the Horror Honeys, there are a lot of conflicting opinions about Xenu's number one homeboy, Tom Cruise. Horror TV Honey Lisa is a huge fan, with the Cruise planted firmly her blind spot. Others of us can't stand the sight of him and wish he'd just stop running.

But when Sci-Fi Honey Katie reviewed Cruise's big summer ACTION CRUISE movie, Edge of Tomorrow, she actually enjoyed it in spite of herself. The best part was, it had something for every Honey: lots of Tom Cruise playing against type for those who love him, and lots of Tom Cruise dying for those of us who don't. 

But now, this lovely supercut has compiled all of those death scenes from Edge of Tomorrow, so we can watch Tom Cruise bite the big one as many times as we want!


Edge of Tomorrow focuses on a military poster boy (Cruise) who learns the secret of alien invader's ability to respawn, and must then aid super-soldier Emily Blunt in the human rebellion. This is why we get to watch the Scientology poster boy die in a collection of hilarious ways throughout the film! Check out the video below, tweeted from the Edge of Tomorrow Twitter account, released ahead of the film's blu-ray release on October 7.