The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Toys R Us Does WHATEVER FL Moms Say... Apparently.

Honey Buzz ~ Toys R Us Does WHATEVER FL Moms Say... Apparently.

Step off Florida moms... the one who knocks has your number. However, unlike the rest of the world with even a modicum of intelligence, toy chain Toys R Us is apparently more terrified of one mother in Florida than Heisenberg himself. Because in a move that is clearly the work of the Irony Fairy, a toy store that sells bloody action figures from The Walking Dead, heartless bounty hunters equipped with their own medieval weapons from Game of Thrones, and anorexia-incarnate Barbie, will no longer sell Breaking Bad action figures after one online-petition got 8,000 signatures.

Yes, an action figure that was clearly labeled, "Ages 15+" has now been removed from the lone grown-up aisle in a toy store because one clueless Florida mother was letting her kid wander around the store unsupervised. Apparently, rather than engage with her child in an intelligent and thoughtful conversation about drug use, she decided to just strong-arm a national corporation into removing an entire toy line with faux-outrage and buzz words like, "family values" and "celebration of the drug trade." Walter White himself weighed in on the "controversy..."

"Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest
I'm not sure which party is more hilariously idiotic in this case. Is it Toys R Us, who actually acquiesced to this ridiculous woman's demands? Or is it the mother who would rather waste copious amounts of time rousing the Internet rabble on an online petition than talk to her stupid kid for two minutes? I think this is one of those horse races where no one actually wins. Literally. No one.

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! I BESEECH YOU! If you don't want you kids playing with a Breaking Bad action figure? Don't buy it for them. Better yet, just avoid the "15+" aisle in Toys R Us all together. If you don't like that Daryl might be gay on The Walking Dead? DON'T WATCH THE SHOW! In fact, if you are watching TWD with your small children and human sexuality is your biggest concern, you obviously have issues that no Honey can help you with. But most important of all? BE A PARENT! Talk to your kid. Explain the difference between reality and fiction. Stop trying to change the world around you and ruin everyone else's fun because YOU don't know how to actually do the job you signed on for when you bred.

This has been a Revenge Honey public service announcement.