The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ They're Making a Tetris Movie? Why? What? Ow.

Honey Buzz ~ They're Making a Tetris Movie? Why? What? Ow.

So if you haven't heard yet, the big news in Hollywood over the last 24 hours is that officially, movies are dead. Over. Done. See ya! It's been a fun run, movies. Why, do you ask, are we planning a shiva for the art form that once was? Because Threshold Entertainment is turning that game you used to play on your Gameboy, Tetris, into a movie. A movie. With real people. 

Yes, according to EVERY ENTERTAINMENT WEBSITE IN EXISTENCE, the douchebags at Threshold, specifically CEO Larry Kasanoff, have decided that people don't need to see good movies anymore and are just going to usher in an age of basing movies around things. You know, like luggage or desk lamps, or that empty bottle of wine sitting next to you right now. Because in 'Murica, things are people. Just like corporations are people. Didn't you get the memo?

"Brands are the news stars of Hollywood."

Yup, that's what Kasanoff had to say when asked just why the FUCK he was making a live-action sci-fi movie out of a game you'd scream at because that weird multiple-90-degree angle block dropped down too fast and blocked off all the good spaces. He claims there is an "imaginative story involved" and they aren't "just giving feet to geometric shapes." Frankly, we smell an epic Tron rip-off happening here. On top of the fact.. IT'S A FUCKIN TETRIS MOVIE!