The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ A sequel to Dredd is coming...kinda

Honey Buzz ~ A sequel to Dredd is coming...kinda

While I wasn't a big fan of Dredd, my husband freaked out about it, and we ended up watching it three times in a row...these are the kind of fans that directors and producers everywhere want to find,  mainly because these people spend money, but also because these are the fans that create hype, and spread their passion for a film or project or character. It's that kind of passion that has made the news that's coming up into a thing. BTW, the #horrorhubby is VERY excited.

Coming from Slashfilm and The Wrap, is an announcement of an online Judge Dredd series, called Dark Judges, which seems to be meant as something between a sequel to the 2012 film and a “thank you” to passionate Dredd fans. Producer Adi Shankar helped make Dredd as a passion project. Now he is the one backing the online series. Many details about the series remain mysterious, like the star of the series, whether or not we'll see Dredd himself, or really anything about all. However, we DO know that this production is similar to the unofficial Punisher and Venom short films also backed by Shankar.
The Wrap says that Shankar will release at least the first part of the new series in November. It also reports that he has worked on Dark Judges for two years, which would put its inception date right at the time when Dredd bowed (and bombed) in domestic theaters. We do know that a year ago, Shankar talked about this series as a single short film during a Reddit AMA.
…I am working on a Dredd short in the vein of #DirtyLaundry … you’re actually the first person to know about this …

Here’s Shankar thanking fans for their support of Dredd, in a video released on “Day of Dredd” this past September 29.

We do know that this series will be released online in seven free installments — essentially adding up to a feature film.

The Dark Judges of the online mini series title are Judges Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis (Death and Mortis are the same thing, but whatever) — a group of undead parallel dimension law-enforcers who follow Judge Death. The problem is, Death has concluded that all crime is committed by the living, which means that life itself is a crime. They seek to kill the residents of Mega-City One; Dredd seeks to prevent that from happening.

(Source: SlashFilm)