The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Season 5 Clues in AHS: Freak Show Already??

Honey Buzz ~ Season 5 Clues in AHS: Freak Show Already??

So... what? Are you trying to tell us that Ryan Murphy is actually FULLY planning out not JUST AHS: Freak Show, but also Season 5

Murphy recently gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly, and on top of some awesome casting decisions, it appears that he's planned enough of Season 5 to plant some clues in the FIRST TWO episodes of Freak Show regarding what we might see!

"There are clues in the first two episodes because I figured out season 5 very early on and I know that the fans love that. So there are clues that are dropped."

So, holy hell. Ryan Murphy planned far enough ahead on Season 5 of AHS that there are actually clues to the story in the pilot and episode two of Freak Show. I don't know about you, but we will be watching episodes one and two again, combing them for ANY possible semblance of a story to inspire the next Horror season!

Add to that, the fact that both Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer are chatting with Murphy about roles in the second half of Freak Show, and well...

What do you think? Did you spot any possible future story lines for a new AHS story?