The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Reboot news for THE CROW

Honey Buzz ~ Reboot news for THE CROW

Unfortunately, this reboot news doesn't confirm a starring role, but they have confirmed that it's actually happening and that production will start next year. 

Producer Ed Pressman — who was also behind the 1994 original — said that he hoped production on the reboot of the cult horror flick would begin "in the spring." Pressman, described The Crow as "the anti Spider-Man.”

I'm sorry...what? The anti Spider-Man?? How does that even work? How can that even be connected? Am I missing something here???  Heartbreaking and gritty revenge tale with a supernatural twist based on a graphic novel vs a teenage nerd transformed into a superhero by being bitten by a spider and donning a blue and red zentai suit. However, if by "anti" be means "completely and utterly unrelated" then he'd be spot on.
"It still has a big fan base even though it was so long ago," he said. "But the generation today doesn't even know The Crow."
Is that a reason for a reboot? Pardon me while I go flail around a bunch and try to sort out my priorities. I feel completely justified in saying that Pressman might be slightly out of touch in this case. It's also worth pointing out that "the generation today" also don't know a world without internet or smart phones...
Luke Evans... urge to kill fading...

As with any rumored film, a long list of A-list names have been tossed around as to who would be the next famous face to don the iconic makeup, and step into Brandon Lee's shoes. Dracula Untold's Luke Evans is the current favorite to take on the role, and he added further fuel to the fire earlier this year when he spoke about the reboot at the BAFTAs, telling Red Carpet TV about preproduction and saying that the remake would be "bringing to the screen a lot of parts of the story that were never really told."

However, producer-face Pressman said that nothing regarding casting was confirmed at this stage. So I will continue to fume in semi-silent rage over the fact that this is even a thing. 

(Source: THR)