The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Orange Could Have Been the New Black for Sharni Vinson?

Honey Buzz ~ Orange Could Have Been the New Black for Sharni Vinson?

Honey Favorites Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett have been even hotter than usual lately, with their critical success on The Guest and the announcement that they will be taking on a remake of I Saw the Devil. But in a recent interview with IndieWire, the writer and director filled them in on what could have been had a sequel to the spectacular You're Next ever been produced! And while we were at first intrigued... we might be a little bit happy that it's not happening.

When asked about the original plans for You're Next, it appears Wingard and Barrett had a different idea about the fate of Sharni Vinson's Erin...

"The original script ended with Sharni getting shot in the head. And we actually shot that."

Well, that would have been different!

But it turns out, the fellas had the entire You're Next sequel plotted out... With kind of a bummer of a second act for Erin in the works. Directly from the interview:

Barrett: I'll give you the starting point: in the end credits of "You're Next," it's implied that Sharni might be a suspect.

Wingard: The end credits are supposed to be a police dossier breakdown, with a whole schematic over all of the actors' photos. And all of their photos are over where they died in the film. So when Sharni's name came up, it says "suspect?" If we ever had a sequel, that's where we'd go.

Barrett: Yeah, it was a hint. So the idea would be that it opens in a prison van and she's handcuffed to a bunch of other female prisoners, en route. We'd see that she was railroaded —even though her trial isn't for another year, no one will take her seriously. 

Wingard: She gets blamed for all the murders…

Barrett: Because it's just her and a bunch of corpses. Then the prison van would get attacked by Lamb Mask and his associates, because he would survive the stab to the head.

Wingard: With Lamb Mask, it was going to be that because of the stabbing, now he couldn't feel pain.

According to the interview, Erin was going to spend the rest of the film running from Lamb Mask and his buddies while chained to other prisoners, and simultaneously fighting off a house full of meth dealers. Is this a film you would have seen? It seems like a lot to us, but maybe it's just overwhelming in theory? What do you think?