The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Satan doesn't want you to see "Left Behind"

Honey Buzz ~ Satan doesn't want you to see "Left Behind"

While I'm always an advocate of interesting marketing ploys, this one is going to be filed under "Who hired this guy?" 

Nicholas Cage's newest film is called Left Behind, and before you assume that from the looks of the poster that it's going to be one of his typical disaster epics, one where he can rock out the concerned concentration face we all know and love while he puzzles out a way to save the world.

However...this one is a little...different because they've enlisted Satan himself for an endorsement.

Left Behind is a faith based film...and it's also a remake of a straight to VHS reminder of how Kirk Cameron went off the deep end.

The IMDb description for the reboot: A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction. Sounds like a pretty normal disaster movie, right? WRONG.

The IMDb description for the original doesn't fuck around: The Biblical prophecy of Armageddon begins when the Rapture instantly takes all believers in Christ from the Earth. A reporter left behind learns that the Anti-Christ will soon take power. 

And here's the icing on the cake... 

According to the Facebook page for this film, Left Behind will change your life...and Satan doesn't want that...

So, to all you unbelievers out there, stay out of the theatres on October 3rd, Satan needs you.