The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Keanu comes back to Sci-Fi!

Honey Buzz ~ Keanu comes back to Sci-Fi!

With everyone shitting their collective pants about Keanu Reeves' return to the big screen in what's being called his career redefining moment in John Wick, I have to wonder if it's really just a lucky break... I hope it's not because I dearly love my charmingly dishevelled Keanu...but I'm not sure that his turn in John Wick has the balls to blow him back into the limelight like Robert Downey Jr or turn him into a new penny like Michael Keaton, but that might be setting the bar unfairly high...   

THR posted today that Keanu Reeves has signed on to star in Replicas for Lotus Entertainment and di Bonaventura Pictures. Replicas is a sci-fi thriller about a (and I'm putting this in bold so you understand my eyebrow raise) daring neuroscientist (played by Reeves, of course) who, after a car accident kills his family, will stop at nothing to bring them back, even if it means pitting himself against a government-controlled laboratory, a police task force and the physical laws of science.

I'm sorry... a daring neuroscientist? I think the last movie I watched about a daring neuroscientist ended in some ubersmart sharks eating everyone except Thomas Jane and LL Cool J. 
"We loved the notion of taking the 'how far will a man go to save his family' story hook and then adding a high concept sci-fi twist," Lotus Entertainment’s Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel said. "Keanu has obviously had a lot of success in the sci-fi genre, and we are excited to have him anchoring a story, which we believe will have great appeal to audiences across the globe."
I'm sorry, Keanu, I think you're awesome.
Production on Replicas is scheduled to begin in spring 2015 - guys... from the title, d'you think it's going to be about cloning? I think it's going to be about cloning and a little bit Frankenstein too, and maybe it'll go awry. Predictable? Naahhh, stuff like this always goes over super well. Remember Transcendence? It'll work this time.