The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Jordan Peele Wants to Make Horror Films!

Honey Buzz ~ Jordan Peele Wants to Make Horror Films!

When it comes to comedy duo Key & Peele, Jordan Peele has always been my favorite. His spot on impressions and more restrained style of timing have made him one of my favorite comedians for some time. But now he has guaranteed his spot as the tops because Jordan Peele is making the odd transition from comedian to...

Horror writer/director!

In an interview with Playboy, Peele revealed that he is currently working his debut horror featured, title Get Out, which approaches horror from a distinctly original standpoint.

"I’ve been spending the first half of my career focusing on comedy but my goal, in all honesty, is to write and direct horror movies. I have one that I’m working on with Darko Entertainment called Get Out – I don’t want to say too much about it, but it is one of the very, very few horror movies that does jump off of racial fears. That to me is a world that hasn’t been explored. Specifically, the fears of being a black man today. The fears of being any person who feels like they’re a stranger in any environment that is foreign to them. It deals with a protagonist that I don’t see in horror movies."

Personally, I can't wait for Jordan to get the ball rolling on this movie. It sounds amazing and I love my horror movies with a touch of social commentary!