The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Jeepers Creepers 3? WHATEVER

Honey Buzz ~ Jeepers Creepers 3? WHATEVER

Filed under things that MOST horror fans couldn't care less about (no judgement on those of you who do): lukewarm news about a trilogy entry that has been so bogged down in "financial trouble," which here means "no one with money gives a fuck about," is the Threequel for Jeepers Creepers.  

Back in September, Justin Long was promoting TUSK (which is a movie that also makes me angry) and happened to do a Reddit AMA chat, during which he offered the 10 fans of Jeepers Creepers  an update on Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral.

There is a script, Gina [Philips] plays the lead in it. It’s been tough getting off the ground, financially, unfortunately. According to Victor, I do get my hands on a flashback.

If JC3 happens to somehow get magical horror unicorn funding, Victor Salva (currently listed as working on two other projects) will return to direct. The story? A returning Trish (Philips), embarks on a mission to hunt down the monster that killed her brother. At least, that was the plan in mid-September... Presumably, they've all forgotten about it by now, I know I will in about 3 minutes.


(Source: Dread Central)