The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Indie Horror 'Gut' Coming to VOD!

Honey Buzz ~ Indie Horror 'Gut' Coming to VOD!

Everyone knows that October is a fabulous month for catching horror films on television. But now, thanks to VOD, Netflix, Hulu, apps dedicated to film, and a handful of networks dedicated to horror films, you can find a horror movie pretty much any time you'd like! And one such film premiering onDemand this month in the US is Elias's Gut...

Gut focuses on Tom, a restless family man who, through his work buddy, is introduced to what appears to be a snuff film of a woman being murdered. While first dismissive of the video, Tom finds that visions of the woman and her death are taking over his consciousness. As more videos find their way into his possession, Tom's life, and his sanity, start to fall apart.

While Gut is already available on DVD, it's coming to VOD for the first time on October 24. So watch the trailer below and keep an eye out for Gut right before Halloween!