The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Favorite movie death scenes SUPERCUT!

Honey Buzz ~ Favorite movie death scenes SUPERCUT!

This might be the greatest thing I've ever seen. A supercut of the greatest death scenes in film as chosen by the directors of ABC's of Death 2, it includes some of my favorite death scenes, some that made you go WTF, and some that will make you chuckle, or if you're like me, laugh really loudly and wake up your pets.
The directors behind the 26 short films in ABCs OF DEATH 2 have undertaken an epic project to determine "The Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time" -- using no accepted scientific method and zero statistical analysis the filmmakers have each selected their favorite scene, arriving at a definitive list of shocking, tragic, funny and frightening deaths for the Halloween season.

The selections are as widely diverse as you'd expect with a global roster of filmmakers that hail from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, France, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Nigeria, Philippines, the UK and the US. 

Can you name the source of all of these deaths?