The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Comikaze 2014 and Garbage Pail Kids...awesome!

Honey Buzz ~ Comikaze 2014 and Garbage Pail Kids...awesome!

Filed under "we love Garbage Pail Kids more than you do!" Stan Lee's Comikaze has partnered with one of our favorite things to include in giveaway prizes, Garbage Pail Kids (!!) for some convention exclusive cards that are seriously awesome.

This Stan Lee Card will be available at the convention for purchase ($10), but the rest, you'll have to pre-order online...

Topps has also revealed a new “B” edition of the Comic-Con Series 2 jumbo card print set, to be sold exclusively on These 11″x14″ prints feature pop culture and comic themed characters like “Bonus Jonas,” the “B” name of the all-new character created by Peter Bagge (and illustrated by GPK alum Brent Engstrom) for IDW Publishing’s upcoming Garbage Pail Kids comic book releasing in December. Also be on the lookout for a special rare variant print of “Lick It Upton”— randomly inserted for lucky fans and limited to just FIFTY COPIES!
I must not make a Kevin Smith joke...
Look out Florida!
This one is my FAVORITE
I need all of his swag...all of it.
There's one at EVERY convention...

Comic-Con Series 2 Jumbo Card Print Set (B Edition) will be available for pre-order on November 3rd exclusively on

I kind of need all of these... except the KISS one, I can live without the KISS card.

Watch for more updates from Garbage Pail Kids on their Facebook page.