The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ COFFEE & PIE! COFFEE & PIE! COFFEE & PIE!!!!!!!

Honey Buzz ~ COFFEE & PIE! COFFEE & PIE! COFFEE & PIE!!!!!!!

Well, kids... It turns out, David Lynch wasn't just toying with us. And now, we are officially getting more Twin Peaks in 2016. Excuse me. Just one second.

Earlier today, Lynch tweeted out that "it is happening again" with a link to the following video:

After which an entire generation of Twin Peaks fans splooshed their pants. Seriously. I can't even explain to you the reaction I had to this video. 

Something like this? Only creepier.

Coming to Showtime in 2016, the next generation of Twin Peaks will take place in present day and plans to provide a real conclusion to the original series. We will meet up with characters we left, and since each episode will be written by Lynch and Mark Frost, with Lynch directing all nine episodes, we are guaranteed the return to form that we are all craving. As part of the package, Showtime will re-air the original series leading up to the airing of the new nine episodes!

Oh, Kyle. Please come back. Somehow...

In a joint statement, Showtime, Frost, and Lynch said:

“The mysterious and special world of Twin Peaks is pulling us back. We’re very excited. May the forest be with you.”