The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ AHS teaser, MORE modern music!

Honey Buzz ~ AHS teaser, MORE modern music!

Ok, full disclosure, I was so goddamn excited for AHS: Freakshow to air that I wasn't even upset about Elsa Mars' David Bowie tribute all. She looked amazing, David Bowie is amazing, it tied in to her was good. Then, a Fiona Apple mosh-pit happened in Episode 2...and I got a little grumpy.

Now, a new teaser has been released of some MORE MODERN MUSIC featured in a period piece. My hatred for modern music in period pieces is WELL documented and there's honestly nothing that I detest more than a sad attempt to "be relevant" to the younger audiences by giving them stuff they recognize in an otherwise beautiful setting.

Maybe what's making me so annoyed by this musical injection into Freakshow is that they're not just stoked on it, they're fucking thrilled. And we have 2 more musical numbers to go...and one of them is a Kurt Cobain cover. I might just explode.

(Source: HuffPost)