The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ ABC's of Death 2 - more promo to love!

Honey Buzz ~ ABC's of Death 2 - more promo to love!

ABC's of Death 2 is officially released today - coming to select theatres and available on VOD - and the team is going a little nuts promoting it, and we're all over it. You can check out our 140 character (spoiler free) reviews of each short film HERE

Magnet Releasing's instagram supercut of ALL the ABC's 2 death scenes is my new favorite thing. Not going to tell you how many times I watched it looking for my favorite segments.

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You can also check out the superbly animated opening sequence, which is a bit of a bonus short film, and is totally beautiful in its own right. Animation by Wolfgang Matzl with deliciously perfect paper cutouts. Music composed by Andre Roessler.

ABCs OF DEATH 2 is available on VOD and now playing in select theaters. 

To find a list of theaters and where to watch on VOD visit: