The Horror Honeys: Hexmas Fun ~ British Horror Comedy Shorts

Hexmas Fun ~ British Horror Comedy Shorts

Sent to us by our friends at Red Shirt films, do please enjoy some indie British humor...


My only issue...if you're going to shoot a zombie in the head, be sure to acknowledge the fact that the bullet would have also broken the window...even British bullets aren't that polite. I need to watch Shaun of the Dead now...

SCREAM QUEENS - a slasher horror film in the spirit of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween! Presented in GORGEOUS 2D for your viewing pleasure.
THE MECHANIC has torn fresh BLOODY havoc across town, slaughtering horny teens left right and centre. TIME FOR AN OIL CHANGE?! 
Cornered in a remote farm, the heroes of the movie make one final stand...

Ordering a seafood pizza? I'd have chopped off his head too. Yuck.

Check out more from RedShirt Films on their YouTube Channel ~ Happy Hexmas!