The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Misery Loves Company'

Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Misery Loves Company'

Write for me, and only me
A really extra special story
Make it mine, every line
Don't make me sorry
It's what I want, It's what I want
And I'll tell you what
You know me, and I'll show you
How to keep your filthy mouth shut

Oh, Anthrax, you goofy thrashing hard rockers. Leave it to you to write a song based on Stephen King's iconic Misery! Off their 1988 album Euphoria, which also included a song based on David Lynch's Blue Velvet, "Misery Loves Company" is kind of what I imagine the interior of Annie Wilkes's head sounds like all the time. Out of control, spastic, screaming drums and guitars that make it impossible to think or focus. That... or this: