The Horror Honeys: Halloween Friday Favorites: Horror One-Liners!

Halloween Friday Favorites: Horror One-Liners!

There is no denying that horror has a lot to offer: thrills, chills, sex, intestines, spontaneous vomiting (what? Just me?) But let's be real, the best thing about a great horror movie is quoting it endlessly once the credits start running. From, "What an excellent day for an exorcism" to "THIS... is my boomstick!," there are hundreds of one-liners from horror films that have become an indelible part of the pop culture dialogue. This week, the Horror Honeys share with you a collection of their favorites. What is YOUR favorite horror one-liner? Let us know on Twitter using #horrorquotes!

Head Honey Kat - Hellraiser 5: "Your flesh is killing your spirit."

Revenge Honey Linnie - American Werewolf in London: "I didn't mean to call you a meatloaf, Jack!'

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie - The Lost Boys: "Death by stereo!"

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn - Poltergeist: "They're heeeeeere..."

Gamer Honey Kaley - Bioshock: "Would you kindly..."

Supernatural Honey Suzanne - Se7en: "What's in the box?!?"

Horror TV Honey Lisa - You're Next: "Fuck you! Infinity!"

Comics Honey Shannon - Army of Darkness: "You ain't leading but two things right now: jack and shit. And jack just left town."