The Horror Honeys: Halloween Buzz ~ Comic Treats!

Halloween Buzz ~ Comic Treats!

While I'll never be the one to say DON'T buy candy for Trick R Treater's because everyone knows that the best part is when the little buggers leave and you get to eat all of the leftovers...this is an AWESOME idea for the little ones who come to your door!

Halloween Comic Fest is doing something really awesome this year:

Be one of the coolest houses in the neighborhood this Halloween by passing out comics to trick-or-treaters with the Halloween ComicFest Mini-Comic packs now available to purchase from comic book specialty shops! 
Each pack contains 20 mini-comics and are only available to purchase at comic book shops for just $4.99 per pack.  There are seven titles to choose from which include Angry Birds, Betty and Veronica, Plants vs. Zombies, BOOM! Studios Fright Fest, LBX Little Battlers, Mermin and Vamplets. The Mini-Comic packs are a healthy alternative to candy, promote literacy, provide entertainment for families to enjoy, can be used as prizes for Halloween games or prizes used in the classroom, and they last longer than candy!

Find a comic shop near you to get the Mini-Comic Packs and participate in Halloween ComicFest at