The Horror Honeys: Gotham ~ Season 1, Episode 3 ~ "The Balloonman"

Gotham ~ Season 1, Episode 3 ~ "The Balloonman"

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

If we weren't watching a show titled Gotham with characters that use animals as their alter egos, I would be concerned about the writers already resorting to killing people via weather balloons; that seems a bit like something you do when you have officially run out of ideas. Good thing my favorite character will soon be going by the moniker of The Penguin. No need for alarm just yet. 

Oswald Cobblepot is making shabby street clothes look good. Between him and Ichabod Crane, we could really have a new kind of clothing store! Yo, Fox television, get on this. Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, The Mindy Project, and New Girl could all come together for the most fab store since Contempo Casuals. (P.S. You're as old as me if you shopped at Contempo Casuals. Congratulations.)

So, Gotham is walking a wobbly path between being a seriously legitimate show and being a bit wonky. Wonky in the sense that Detective Gordon is being a little too gruff a bit too often, Bullock is being a little too corrupt and wacky, but the most offensive thus far has to be Fish's accent. Did Mrs. Pinket Smith go to the same acting coach that Famke Jansen went to for Hemlock Grove? Serious question. Perhaps I'm being a bit tough on the show, but how is that Oswald Cobblepot doesn't come off as cheesy, but Fish and Selina do? I get that Selina is a teenager, but she should really ditch that attitude when her witness statement didn't exactly tell us who murdered the Wayne's, did it?

Can someone please remind me what Barbara does for a living? As far as I can tell, she hangs out in that awesome apartment, has steamy confrontations with her ex girlfriend, and gets to kiss Detective Gordon. Where do I apply?

Ultimately, the Balloonman was more of a device for Detective Gordon to blatantly tell us that Gotham is sick. It is a city that is sicker than he ever imagined. With everything that was going on in this episode, I forgot about the weather balloon situation until someone else got carried away by one. Really, when Gordon and Bullock caught up with the Balloonman, it was kind of silly and what was with that exchange between the two? Am I the only one who noticed Bullock shake his head at Gordon and make an,"Aw son, you're just too crazy for your own good" face and then Gordon responded with a thumbs up? Or am I just the only one who cringed at it?

So, is Oswald hoping to thrive off of this sickness that Gotham is suffering from? Is that why he claims that Gotham needs him? Quite frankly, I don't care what he has up his sleeve as long as he keeps speaking like a gentleman despite being anything but. With the name Arkham being not so casually thrown around, the introduction of Detective Batista, um I mean, Sal Maroni, and the seedlings of Batman beginning in our young Bruce Wayne, the show looks to be gearing up for some epically awesome stuff. Let's just hope that the awkward father/son dynamic between Gordon and Bullock doesn't start mucking things up. Actually, on that note, let's all stay optimistic that Mr. McKenzie will be allowed to start using all of his acting abilities and not just the "mad cop face," "concerned boyfriend face" and "sensitive adult face."