The Horror Honeys: Evil Dead: The Musical in Vancouver is Bloody Fantastic!

Evil Dead: The Musical in Vancouver is Bloody Fantastic!

To celebrate the wonderful time of year that is Hexmas, the Revenge Honey made the trip to Canadia to celebrate with the Head Honey (and a few of the BC-based ladies as well!). It's well known that the Revenge Honey is a big fan of horror musicals, so it should come as no surprise that we decided to take in a very special show - the 5th anniversary edition of Evil Dead: The Musical! on its latest run in Vancouver.

The Revenge Honey's Take!

I think it's fairly common knowledge at this point that when it comes to musicals (horror or otherwise), I'm probably going to be the harshest critic at the Horror Honeys. This is especially true when it comes to one of my favorite musicals of all time, Evil Dead: The Musical, a fantastic meta comedy show full of Evil Dead in-jokes, quotes, and fantastic song writing. I was there the night the show premiered off-Broadway at The New World Stages in 2006, and I saw it twice more there during its run with the original cast. I also saw it performed locally by a college, and it was quite good. But I can say, without hesitation, that the production we attended tonight in Vancouver, from DSR Productions, was hands down the best performance of Evil Dead I have ever seen.
Photo: Mark Carter

The first thing that totally set this production apart from every other I've seen is that unlike the others, which used canned music as backing tracks for the vocalist, this show had a live band. It allowed the company to make subtle but noticeable (and appreciated) tweaks to the music that gave this Evil Dead a character and life all its own. The initiative was greatly appreciated by this Evil Dead: The Musical aficionado, because it made the whole show seem new.

I also have no problem saying that the Vancouver cast of Evil Dead is the best I've yet seen. I adored that Scott Walters chose to make Ash his own rather than do an impersonation of Bruce Campbell, and it helped that his voice was perfection. Jennifer Neumann as Cheryl, Ash's demon pun-spewing sister, is hilarious, and had a tremendous voice to match her brilliant comedic timing. And without question, Mat Baker's "Old Reliable" Jake is THE best version I've seen, eclipsing the original by a mile.

And, you know, because I'm a red-blooded heterosexual woman, good on Ian Rozylo as Scotty for his codpiece and lyrca pants and abs during "The Necronomicon." Not only was he hilarious, but as I mentioned... codpiece and lyrca.

If you are in Vancouver and have the opportunity to see Evil Dead: The Musical, do it. Now. Get your tickets immediately. Director Mark Carter has taken what was already a great a show, and made it totally unforgettable.  My rating? All the Candarian Demons. ALL OF THEM!

The Head Honey's Take!

Photo: Graham Ockley
While not my first time at a musical, and being no stranger to musical horror movies, this was my very first time seeing the Evil Dead musical production, and thank fuck I chose to see it this year. I had zero idea what to expect, aside from two musical numbers that I was already familiar with thanks to the Revenge Honey. I'm going to admit right away that I'm not a big fan of live performance... hearing footsteps on the stage, sound issues and other minor things like that take me right out of a production, plus I'm always nervous that someone is going to fuck up...but as soon as the stage lights went up and action started, I was completely sucked in. I was immediately blown away by the campy delivery, and highly exaggerated antics of the entire cast, not to mention how awesome it was to know that all of the music was being performed live. Unreal.

I laughed myself hoarse, shouted lines from the films, and giggled like a moron when Linda's "body" ran out from the kitchen with hairy dude tummy exposed.  Dragging my husband to the show was also a spectacular decision. As a singer, he thoroughly enjoyed all of the musical numbers, laughed louder than I did, and bemoaned the fact that we didn't end up in the extremely creatively staged splatter zone. He also totally busted me ogling Scotty's ass in the ensemble "Do the Necronomicon" number. Whoops...

Who needs to see Evil Dead: The Musical? EVERYONE. Do you have to be a fan of the films? No...but it definitely helps with the in jokes and some one-liners. "Will my boyfriend/husband/dude accessory like it?" If they don't, they didn't deserve you anyway. On a scale from 1 - 10 how badly do I need to watch ALL the movies back to back now? 12.

Evil Dead: The Musical is playing in Vancouver until November 1st, you can buy your tickets HERE and listen to our podcast interview with cast members Ian Rozylo (Scotty), Matthew Graham (Ed) and director Mark Carter HERE.