The Horror Honeys: Convention Recap: Walker Stalker Con - Day 3!

Convention Recap: Walker Stalker Con - Day 3!

Creeper photo from WSC's PR team <3
The final day of any convention is always difficult, overwhelming crowds and endless events take their toll, so while Friday and Saturday are FULL days, Sunday becomes the day that is reserved for trolling through Artist's Alley, and Vendor areas to pick up some last minute convention exclusive deals (yes, those exist), or in my case, exchange some stickers with rad people and gush over their work. There were also a few last minute panels to attend, one special hand to shake, and two major interviews lined up before I had to make my way back to the airport.

Starting with the handshake, I stood in line to see Greg Nicotero, I was out of money, and would have loved a signature, but I settled for a handshake, and being able to thank him for an interview I'd done with him last month. That was enough for me, and I know what shade of red my face was while I was doing it too.

After a last minute interview cancellation, I rushed upstairs for the "Green Family" panel featuring Scott Wilson (Herschel), Emily Kinney (Beth), and Lauren Cohan (Maggie). A very poignant family reunion, the soft-spoken Wilson was hard to hear at times, but his connection to and care for the young women who had played his daughters was very clear. The first question of the panel was actually not a question for the panelists at all, but a clever ruse to conceal a marriage proposal!!

Similar to the Abraham's Army panel, the "Green Family" panel went straight to audience questions, which I can understand to a certain extent, but it's always nice to lay some ground work with the panel members to get them warmed up and a little more comfortable on stage, it seemed like the actors were a little taken aback by this tactic as well, and it showed in their initial answers.

The bearer of a heavy shipper burden, Emily Kinney shared some insight on the relationship between Beth and Daryl, when it came to that shared moment in the cabin in Season 4.

As characters they were figuring out their relationship. Are they friends, or more than friends? The questions that the audience have are very similar to the questions they have themselves

A highlight of the panel was a young veteran who approached the stage and questioned Scott Wilson about his process playing an amputee. Earlier in the weekend, Wilson had signed the young man's prosthetic leg. That, plus Wilson's heartfelt response...heartstrings sufficiently tugged.

The biggest question of the panel was how Cohan and Kinney reacted to the news that Herschel was going to be was also the question that the actors had the hardest time answering.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed that there was no "Glen & Maggie" panel...I love that Steve Yuen got his own panel (which I'm sad that I missed because I love his character arc), but I would have loved to see them on stage together, or included in the Green Family, because he is a part of that family now.

Directly after the Green Family panel, I RAN downstairs for my scheduled interview with Scott Wilson, for which I had to shove all of my fangirl excitement way way down. A wonderfully warm and extremely gracious man, Wilson answered all of my questions, about a bunch of non-Walking Dead related things (hello, Twilight Zone, X-Files and Leslie Vernon) and insisted on giving me several hugs, which I didn't complain about in the slightest (I'll have a full transcription of our chat very soon).

Pictured: Barely contained squee
After my interview with Scott Wilson, it was time to run for the airport and get back to reality. I was bummed to miss out on a massive viewing of the second episode of The Walking Dead with the convention faithful, but I'm sure it was a lot of fun.

If you're a Walking Dead fan, I highly suggest trying to attend Walker Stalker Con when it comes to your area...they'll be hitting 6 cities in 2015, and the experience is more than worth the price of admission. There's nothing better than getting immersed in your favorite show with other like-minded people.

Walker Stalker will be coming to NY/NJ (December 2014), San Francisco (January/February 2015), Chicago (February 2015), Dallas (March 2015), Orlando (June 2015) and Boston (August 2015).


Thing NOT to do with your life: Piss off a Horror Honey.
As a side note, I wanted to mention that I received an email from a fellow panelist (not affiliated with WSC) who took some umbrage at my personal opinion of his panel management skills, and insinuated that I was ungrateful for my position as a member of the media attending the convention because I had shared some criticism that he just didn't like. Honesty is a big issue for me. You come to this website (presumably) because you want honest opinions and well written articles. Honest opinions have gotten me in trouble and even fired on several occasions, but regardless, it doesn't mean I'm ever going to stop being honest, especially if some butthurt dude I've never met feels like he can berate me about hurting his feelings. I will never apologize for my opinions, and in the spirit of sharing opinions that are hard to read, grow the fuck up, sir.