The Horror Honeys: A Short Film I Should Hate... But I Absolutely Adore.

A Short Film I Should Hate... But I Absolutely Adore.

I think that it's kind of common knowledge at this point that your Revenge Honey has been a vegetarian for longer than she hasn't. But what I've never shared is WHY. When I was eight, I spent an afternoon snuggling with a baby pig. Then I went home and snuggled with my dog. My grade-school mind couldn't justify why it was okay to eat one animal but bring another in our homes and love it like family. Pork went first. Beef shortly there-after. Chicken took longer because I'm afraid of birds but that was out by my teen years. And I've never once considered going back. 

So imagine my surprise when an 18-minute short film combined my love of horror, my terrible fear of dog death in movies, my passion for revenge, and the reason why I turned to vegetarianism in the first place. Plus, Amanda Seyfried, if you're into that sort of thing.

Brian Crano's Dog Food, a short that killed on the festival circuit this past year, stars Seyfried, Cory Michael Smith, and David Craig. The film focuses on a hipster "cruelty-free" butcher who is absolutely lost when he comes home one day to find his beloved dog missing. The arrival of a beautiful girl in his shop promises to distract him from his loss, but... will it really? For an 18-minute movie, this short crams in more terror and horror and genuine fear than half of the full-length crap I've sat through this year. Watch Dog Food below and please... let me know how YOU feel when it's over.