The Horror Honeys: Vancouver Zombie Walk 2014

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2014

These are the accounts of Shannon, AKA: The Comics Honey as she documents this event. It was a sunny and hot afternoon in the city when the restless dead gathered by the hundreds at the Vancouver Art Gallery to make their yearly shamble through the streets... for some reason or another.

The Comics Honey went out to document this yearly event: unfortunately she went missing and all that was left was her camera. This is the uncut foo-

OH NO YOU DON'T! Gimme back the camera!

(banging noises, then silence)

Make a found footage film about ME, will ya?

Hello there Internet-land. This is Shannon LeClerc, also known as The Comics Honey. In today's article, I will talk about what I saw at the 2014 Vancouver Zombie Walk this past weekend.

This year's Zombiewalk was on September 2, 2014. Typically the event is held in August, but the date was moved down a few weeks this year. Despite the gripings of locals about the date, it was a pretty damn hot September day. Then again, this month is not Fall yet but more Pre-Fall or Post-Summer in Vancouver.
Death checks his waiting list...
I had arrived to a modest sized gathering at the Vancouver Art Gallery - a kind of zombie holding pen. A few hours later, the horde numbered in the hundreds as zombies, humans, and hunters met for the Zombie Walk. There were zombies of every age and occupation, from chefs to yoga instructors (so Vancouver). There were lots of impressive costumes and SFX make-up from horror movie lovers, directors and actors: so many that I don't even think I was able to photograph all of them as the numbers kept growing.

When the clock struck 4pm, we started making our way down Robson street, as Zombies and humans alike shambled through the city and pictures were taken by the Press and hordes of confused tourists. We all made our way through Denman street, where the undead stopped for a rest at English Bay Beach.

At this point I was tired, hungry, and feeling like a zombie myself, so I snuck out before the undead horde made their way back home.