The Horror Honeys: TV Babies: Gotham Pilot Episode Recap

TV Babies: Gotham Pilot Episode Recap

A Horror TV Honey Pilot Review by Lisa

After much anticipation, Gotham started with a very solid pilot episode. Because this is the Gotham of Bruce Wayne's youth, we are introduced to a number of characters that will all eventually morph into someone more sinister. Some viewers were calling these Easter eggs and some were irritated that so much was thrown into one episode, however,this is the story of Gotham City and I appreciate that all of our major characters were introduced right from the beginning. We're not wasting time on building up to grandiose introductions; nope, this is the city of Gotham and these are the people that we all already know inhabit it. I love when a show doesn't waste time; it makes me optimistic for the overall tone and pace of the upcoming season.

Our soon to be Catwoman, Ms. Selina Kyle, (Carmen Bicondova) lurked about the whole episode with her feline mannerisms and super practical outfit. It really was nice to see a kickass woman wearing, you know, regular clothing. She definitely seems to have a special interest in our young Bruce Wayne. Rumor has it the second episode will delve into her story, so that should be interesting.

Talk about a non-irritating child actor. Bruce Wayne (Davide Mazouz) broke my heart within his first 60 seconds on screen. So far, he is walking the line of youthful vulnerability and soon to be jaded adult perfectly. The heart to heart between Bruce and Detective Gordon was spot on; touching but not saccharine.

O.K., let's talk about Detective Gordon. His entry was wonderfully macho without being annoying. Huge props to Ben McKenzie for being able to start out as everyone's favorite hooligan on The O.C., go on to being a badass L.A. cop on Southland and now he's inhabiting an iconic role as if it was written just for him. Well done, sir. His cool character confidence plays well off of Detective Harvey Bullock's unchained craziness. Donal Logue as Bullock is superb; he's likable, but you're not sure how much you should indulge that feeling.

The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Montoya...many well known and well loved characters are introduced as well as a new one named Fish Mooney. Played by Jada Pinkett Smith, she's a ruthless mob boss with fierce hair and you best not mess it up. When she adjusted her wig after beating the crap out of Penguin, that was just a perfect little piece of humor.

It is rumored that in the future, The Joker and Mr. Freeze will make appearances on Gotham as well. The trick that the pilot episode managed to pull off was to create a show that a DC virgin could enjoy as well as the die hard comic book fans. Of course, some of the comic fans were irritated by a few things, but overall, this episode introduced a lot of characters and started a lot of stories without being at all overwhelming. 

Gotham, the city, is a character itself and the show looks great; a perfect balance of coldness, grit and a wee bit of whimsy. It cannot go without mention that Gotham features women of different ethnicities in various positions of power and that is such a wonderful breath of fresh air. Dare I say, we are slowly entering a world on television that mirrors our own a bit more realistically? Dare to dream.

As someone who can take or leave Batman and the surrounding mythos, based on how well the story is being told, I am officially in love with Gotham. It has only been one episode, so, things could always go downhill quickly, but the promise of watching Detective Gordon learn how to straddle both sides of the law is enticing. I will definitely be back for the second episode and I truly hope that the show just keeps getting better as the stories unfold.