The Horror Honeys: The Strain - Season 1, Episode 9: The Disappeared

The Strain - Season 1, Episode 9: The Disappeared

A Horror TV Honey Halfhearted Review by Lisa

At this point, it is no secret that I'm a bit flummoxed by this show, but I will persevere. That being said, I am so absolutely confused by everything that is, or rather, isn't happening, that I shall recap this episode in the same fashion that it unwinds in my brain.

Well, this kid isn't getting an Oscar anytime soon.

Eph looks fantastic swinging a shovel; too bad that hairpiece almost fell off. 

Walking Dead comparison #1: Eph killing Matt is equal to Rick killing Shane. 

So, while I'm thinking that I have already hit my limit of exasperation with this show within the first two minutes, I am proven wrong. Daryl, I mean Fet, totally pulls a David Caruso and says something witty about the dead guy before we cut to commercial. Seriously, all he was missing was a pair of sunglasses to dramatically put on.

I hear angels singing! Gus! Where have you been for three episodes? Please, please, please tell me that you are here to entertain me. Oh, nope. You are taken away from me as quickly as you were given. Just a teeny, tiny reminder that you are still a character on the show.

Walking Dead comparison #2: Nora is Andrea, hoping to save everyone and being a real stick in the mud about killing people. This is her actual dialogue to Fet; "I can't teach you how to be a human being. Eat your bologna."

Oh thank goodness, a flashback! One of the few things I look forward to on this show. I love, love, loved seeing The Master confront Abraham. The flashbacks are the only true horror on this show. When they had all of those men lined up in front of the mass grave, that was absolutely heartbreaking.

You know what I really don't have time for? Edgy internet chick, who is a major part of the  current problem, throwing a temper tantrum. I don't care about this girl, however, it is very humorous that her neighbor is always so wasted that she doesn't immediately realize he's infected when he walks in. While I hate the sight of dreadlocks, I love seeing those creepy little worms dance around that disgusting, milky blood.

Alright, talking, talking, talking, blah, blah, reiterating things that have already been said multiple times, expressing guilt over past transgressions, feelings, feelings, thoughts, thoughts, blah, blah, blah.....It is absolutely amazing how a show that is always repeating itself can still manage to withhold so much information from those of us who have not read the books. 

As usual, I have a strange kind of compassion for our Big Bad, so I was strangely happy to see Eichorst finally have his wish granted by The Master. After waiting eight episodes to see The Master, it was a little disappointing that he just kind of looks like a funhouse mirror version of Voldermort, but it was absolutely refreshing that the process or turning Eichorst was painful and not pleasant or erotic.

This is one of those episodes where nothing happened if you have no emotional attachments to any of the characters. Best part of this episode? The full AHS: Freakshow trailer. Jessica Lange's carnival tent dress is absolutely divine.