The Horror Honeys: The Strain: Season 1, Episode 10 ~ Loved Ones

The Strain: Season 1, Episode 10 ~ Loved Ones

A Horror TV Honey Episode Review by Lisa

As we open up on a new episode of The Strain, we are greeted by Zach perusing all of the wonders of Abraham's pawn shop. This pawn shop always reminds me of Cronos and I decide to enter this episode with a renewed optimism in Guillermo del Toro.

Too bad the episode started out with one of those miraculous moments that only seem to happen on The Strain. Was Eph storing all of his burn injury supplies in his hairpiece? Seriously, how did he manage to clean and bandage an infected burn wound in the middle of the street with no first aid kit?

Hot tip, ladies: Don't enter your house yelling that your ex-husband was right or you will get a worm in your eye. It really is too bad that Kelly had to go out like that, but she did a fantastic job of slowly succumbing to the virus. As someone who has absolutely no idea what is going on with this story 80% of the time, it was really awesome to get to see what has been happening out in the world while Eph, Nora, Fet and Abraham all sit around talking too much. Kelly slowly turning into a predator was scary and heartbreaking, however, getting to watch her respond to and follow the call of The Master was awesome. It was just like The Gatekeeper looking for The Key Master and anything that is reminiscent of Ghostbusters is fine by me.

Fet really has the power of the Kevorka, huh? He's always sweet talking the young ladies. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm is short lived as he and Dutch are met with Mr. Palmer's security detail. So, if I understand correctly, Mr. Palmer has unleashed a vampire virus on society just for the sake of finding a possible avenue to acquire immortality. Wow, talk about a greedy, selfish, ugly human being. As he withers away in his tower, not even knowing if his wish will be granted, New York is turning into an ugly mass of bottom feeders. At least, his right hand man was smart enough to let Fet and Dutch go.

I wish I could say that I felt bad for Eph when he realized that Kelly was gone, but since there is nothing endearing about his character, I really didn't care. My love of Corey Stoll is the only thing that keeps me invested in Ephram Goodweather; aside from that, he is a pretty awful protagonist. As we round the corner to the end of the first season, I am still having an extremely hard time investing in anyone besides Eichorst, that eclipse was a huge let down and it still feels as though nothing is really happening. Someone please explain to me what I am missing. I say this with absolutely no snark or negativity; I am genuinely asking for a possible explanation of what I'm not seeing that makes everyone else love this show. Please. And on that note......Walking Dead comparison of the week: Eph and Nora equals Shane and Lori.