The Horror Honeys: The Strain, Season 1, Ep 8 ~ Creatures of the Night

The Strain, Season 1, Ep 8 ~ Creatures of the Night

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

The Strain: Creatures of the Night

As we go into episode eight of The Strain, I am finding this to be a spectacularly uneven show. It goes from incredibly exciting to super boring in 30 seconds flat; I don't get it. Again, I feel that as a viewer who didn't read the source material, I am being punished for that. It's clear from fan reaction that people who have read the books are much more excited because they know what is coming, but I find that my lack of advance knowledge of the plot has me at a huge disadvantage. There are a lot of characters and they are just now, in Episode 8, all coming together. That is a really long time for a television show to wait to bring everything together. When The Walking Dead separates its characters for more than two episodes, anarchy ensues, but The Strain gets a free pass? 

With that being said, I was very pleased to see Eph, Setrakian and Fet finally cross paths. It's also great that Nora and Jim are putting their big kid pants on and rising to the occasion. In fact, Nora was quite the negotiator when getting Fet to part with half of his UV lights; I was really proud of her. Until she panicked over shooting the vampires, saying "Please forgive me" before taking their lives. Girl, they're already dead. You know this because you're a scientist. While I appreciate her humanity, we don't have time for you to be namby pamby about this. Vampires are trying to eat you. You kill them. It's simple.

At this point I feel compelled to share some dialogue from the show.

Eph; "How much more time do we have left in those lamp batteries?"

Fet; "If we get twenty minutes out of these things, I'll be amazed."

Setrakian: " That means we have twenty more minutes of light; if that. The bread truck is our only hope."

This is word for word dialogue. I'm sorry, but why are we wasting time rephrasing what someone else has just said when the vampires are steadily closing in on us? Sometimes Setrakian is such an uber badass and then he has moments where he's more like your uncle who repeats everything you say.

So, if this episode is taking place in real time, these vampires are maturing at an exceptionally rapid rate. They went from just being mindless, roaming predators to having a target (Setrakian), using tools, using distraction and, basically, becoming Mensa members while all of the scientists are locked up in a convenience store acting like morons. 

Nora and Eph, did you really think that removing one tiny worm was the new preventive procedure when you've already seen how quickly the worms invade and multiply within a host? Am I watching the same show that you're acting on? Thank goodness for Fet finding his inner Merle Dixon and squashing the whole matter, which brings me to a major complaint;

The Strain is just The Walking Dead with vampires. There. I said it.

Fet, the anti social guy, was jumping around dramatically, kicking ass and taking names just like someone named Daryl Dixon on TWD.

Nora doesn't want to kill anyone, but when she finally starts using a gun, she's a sharpshooter? Is she related to Andrea from TWD?

Setrakian yells at everyone to do things in a timely manner and then talks everyone's ear off with grand speeches. Hmm.. sounds a lot like Hershel from TWD.

Eph is, basically, what I like to call Farmer Rick from season 3 of TWD and no one likes Farmer Rick.

WTF, hair department? Seriously.
As the large group of vampires crashed through the store's ceiling, there was momentary confusion and then everyone inherently knew to go back to back, armed with their lights and start killing vampires as though they have been doing it their whole lives. At least when all of the walkers crashed through the ceiling of the store in The Walking Dead, we were already multiple seasons in, so it made complete sense that the group would automatically know to how to fight together. The characters on this show go from inept to expert in the blink of an eye and I cannot look past that. This must be what haters of The Walking Dead feel like. I want to fall in love with this show, but for every awesome thing that happens, there is an equally un-awesome thing that happens. And seriously with the hair piece? Corey Stoll looks like he's carrying a giant tarantula around on his head.

Oh yeah. Goodbye Jim. I wish I had been attached enough to you to care that you died, but I don't.

In an effort to end on a positive note, awesome cameo from Rick Baker. He died like a champion.