The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Hellhound on my Trail'

Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Hellhound on my Trail'

I've got to keep moving
Blues falling down like hail
And the day keeps on remindin' me
There's a hellhound on my trail

Perhaps there is no greater myth in all of musical history than that of the origin of blues musician Robert Johnson's talent. Everyone has heard the story: a young Robert Johnson, desperate to become a master of the blues, meets with the devil at a crossroads near Mississippi's Dockery Plantation. There, Johnson traded his soul for mastery of the guitar. Whether or not you want to believe the story is your call. Many rock and roll historians now believe that the story began when on-lookers saw Johnson practicing in a graveyard and spun the story from there. However, songs like Crossroad Blues, Me and the Devil Blues, and today's Honey Jam, Hellhound on my Tail, certainly do their part to encourage the legend of a boy, the devil, and a guitar. ~RH