The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Jam - 'I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore'

Supernatural Jam - 'I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore'

Standing in the rain
The cold and angry rain
In a long white dress
A girl without a name

She stood beneath the light
Glowing like a candle bright
I guess it doesn't matter anymore

I pulled along the side
And offered her a ride
Like the rolling mist she floated inside
As we pulled away
She had nothing to say
So I guess it doesn't matter anymore

It’s funny how you can end up miles away from where you started without ever intending that journey. Five years ago, when I was moving to NYC, I never imagined I’d ultimately wind up living in Chicago. Today, when poking around on Facebook, I never imagined I’d end up doing some light research on the legend of a local ghost. Resurrection Mary originated right here in the Chicago area. While her origins vary, the sightings are pretty much the same; A young girl in white, hitchhiking in the dark. Once picked up, she rarely speaks except to tell her driver where to drop her off, which is right in front of Resurrection Cemetery. When the driver stops, she vanishes. I’m not really a big fan of Renaissance or folk music so Blackmore’s Night never did much for me, but this is where I ended up on my journey. Personally, I’d rather listen to Rainbow, while riding in the car, looking for a lady in white. Does anyone I know own a car? If so, do you want to take a drive? ~SH