The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow ~ Season 2, Episode 2: The Kindred

Sleepy Hollow ~ Season 2, Episode 2: The Kindred

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Poor Ichabod, suffering from nightmares about his wife. Thank goodness he has Abbie to wake up to. This moment does beg the question; when does everyone sleep? They take advantage of daytime to work on the mysteries of Sleepy Hollow because the Horseman is asleep, but then they seem to be up all night fighting him as well. I sure do wish I had this kind of energy.

As we are introduced to Sheriff Reyes, I am immediately excited to see someone who is not a white male in power. Having previously taken down a cartel, Reyes is no joke and she definitely does not bend the rules. This is mildly annoying, but it's also fun to have another wrench thrown into Ichabod and Abbie's world.

Abbie is completely on point to question Ichabod's devotion to finding Katrina; does his love for her cloud his judgement? Sure, Katrina is a witch, but she really hasn't been that helpful thus far. Ichabod's commitment to both Abbie and Katrina is one of the things that makes him so unbelievably irresistible, but you do have to wonder when this will become a "Sophie's Choice" for him. The fact that Abraham is already playing off of this in a feeble attempt to win Katrina back is telling.

Ah, The Kindred.  A patchwork of fallen soldiers that will be resurrected using the head of the Horseman of Death. This sounds fantastic. A monster to fight a monster! Who knew our founding fathers were up to so many shenanigans in their spare time? That Kindred is badass and watching all three of our monsters fight was a delight. Despite all of this work to retrieve Katrina, the witch ended up staying with Abraham! I do believe Abbie's face said what we were all thinking; what the what?! If Katrina does, indeed, act as a mole, then this will all be worth it, but if she continues to be so dreadfully boring, I will require her to die.

Finally! A little quality time with Captain Irving. Only in Sleepy Hollow would telling the truth guarantee you a visit to the mental hospital. Unfortunately, Sherif Reyes is having none of this and promises to have all of the latest and greatest treatments unleashed on Irving. Just when you think he is about to undergo electroshock therapy, his new attorney breezes in. Yes, Henry Parrish, the Sin Eater, the Horseman of War, is exactly who you want to partner up with. Don't forget to sign your name in blood; I'm quite sure this will all work out.

What would an episode of Sleepy Hollow be without a moment of clarity from Ichabod? He really does have a fantastic point about those pens at the bank. "These people entrust you with their fortunes and yet you cannot trust them with a simple inkwell?" "Credit without collateral?!" Sometimes it takes someone from the 1700's to really shine a light on our current day blunders.

Miss Jenny is back in jail. Well, at least she's tough enough to handle it and we all know that she won't be there for long.

I love Sleepy Hollow so, I'm willing to overlook the vast amount of tunnels underneath the city. However, every show on television lately has tunnels for our characters to find things, hide things, get into trouble, get out of trouble... it's beginning to get a little bit too easy and tired of a plot device. Seriously, when did they have time to draft the Declaration of Independence, discover electricity, write all of these journals, hide all of these supernatural items, and dig elaborate tunnels? Is there no actual sleeping in Sleepy Hollow? This episode was a little uneven and it looks as though, for once, I am in the majority in finding Katrina boring. We are only on the second episode, though, so I should probably settle down and trust the Sleepy Hollow writers. They haven't let us down yet.