The Horror Honeys: Saturday Comics Jam ~ 'My Enemy (Paranoia)'

Saturday Comics Jam ~ 'My Enemy (Paranoia)'

Something's Happening

Mind destructing, Agony Inside Of Me.
My Pulse Is Racing
Mental Torture, Self Destroyer.
Can't Ignore the Paranoia.


The rising
The crying.
I'm dying.

It does seem a little odd I am making a Honey Jam from a soundtrack that is not within the horror genre. However this song from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST and its lyrics fits the mood quite well. It's the theme song for Electro (played by Jamie Foxx) as he is loosing his mind after his accident and does a Face-Heel Turn on Peter Parker. 

Despite the last film leaving a bad taste in my mouth, we can all agree no matter how crappy a film is, the soundtrack usually doesn't disappoint. (I pity the souls who have to endure terrible music on top of a terrible movie).

My Enemy is composed by one of the gods of film composing, Hans Zimmer, in collaboration with rapper and record producer, Pharrell Williams. Which to be honest, would be the last two people I would see working together.

Along with the unique composing team, the song is an eclectic blend of music styles, from classical, electronic to opera and even DUBSTEP. Yes, after all the film and video game trailers that used Dubstep to death, they managed to make it sound epic!

Add that with creepy voices whispering through the song, and you've got yourself a song that better encompasses paranoia/mental breakdown than the majority of horror films out there.