The Horror Honeys: Revenge Wednesday Jam - 'Me'

Revenge Wednesday Jam - 'Me'

Oh I think I did something terrible to your body, don't you mind
I put your mother through hell, don't you mind
I hurt your brother as well, don't you mind don't you mind
Oh I was thinking about killing myself, don't you mind
I love you, don't you mind don't you mind

I kind of love that moment when you've been listening to a song absent-mindedly for while, without ever really absorbing it, and living under the delusion that because of the tone, it's romantic. Me, an 80s-esque slow-jamming ballad from The 1975 is just such a song: seemingly sweet but actually twisted as fuck. Once you really stop and listen, you might actually find yourself slightly horrified. Yes, guilt is a predominant theme in Me, but just what is our vocalist guilty about... He did something terrible to her body? He gave her something she can never give back? He almost killed someone? The song may sound tailor-made for slow-dances, but the perfect vagueness of the words allow your imagination to run wild. And what can ever compare to the horrors we imagine for ourselves? ~RH