The Horror Honeys: Revenge Honey Adventures at "Camp Crystal Lake!"

Revenge Honey Adventures at "Camp Crystal Lake!"

If you weren't already aware, your Revenge Honey hails from the lovely state of New Jersey (stuff your judgment, it's actually pretty in parts). This weekend, she road-tripped to the Garden State to visit with her sister, niece, and nephew, and decided to plan a little side adventure to check out some horror movie history! Armed with her side-kick, niece Gabby, a.k.a a Honey-in-Training, we headed for Blairstown, NJ and Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco. What famous movie was filmed there?

That's right! This Boy Scout camp in the middle of nowhere is the original filming site of Camp Crystal Lake, home to Jason and Pamela Vorhees and the origin story of the Friday the 13th series. We went with the intention of taking some pictures, but instead were met with a host of horror film clich├ęs that even left my three-year-old niece asking to return to the car post haste. Within about a mile of the Camp, our cell service suddenly dropped out. So yes, that does actually happen.

You can almost smell the hormones...

Additionally, as I walked toward one of the entrance signs to take a picture of Gabby, I tripped over a large rock and fell on my knees, bruising the crap out of one. So yeah, the tripping and falling for no legitimate reason? Apparently that happens at Crystal Lake too.

At least the only thing chasing me was a swarm of gnats.

Next, as Gabby summoned up her best monster face for a Honey picture, a chainsaw suddenly and inexplicably fired up in the distance, echoing through the woods.

Leatherface... you're in the wrong state. 

Overall, despite the surprisingly frightening extras we got, the trip to the "real" Camp Crystal Lake was well worth the drive. We had a blast and you can't beat the sense of nostalgia of standing at place so rich in horror movie history!