The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam - 'Zip Gun Bop'

Murder Monday Jam - 'Zip Gun Bop'

Well there's flat-foot Louie
Sittin' on his front stoop
He caught five rounds in the belly
He looked like a messed-up bowl of
minestrone soup

Now you take that cat Mugs
He got iced the other day
He could have saved his mama
The dry cleanin' bill my way

Zip gun, zip gun bop
Ya better learn to do it 'fore yer poor heart
stops now
Zip gun, zip gun bop

Hey spinach chin,
Why don't you try on these cement shoes.
Look like they fit you pretty freakin' good.

Now see if you can walk on water puppy, you jackass

If you were a 90s kid, like me, you remember the late 90s smash and grab that was 90s swing. Your parents were taking swing lessons like mine were, there might have been a swing band at your grad like there was at mine... or you might have missed it altogether. My mother and I were hooked - you thought pinstripes and polka dots and red lips were a new retro thing? I beg to differ my friends. Royal Crown Revue was one of my favorite groups that came out in the late 90s - why? They were a little darker than the others - case and point is Zip Gun Bop - while it sounds snappy and danceable, the lyrics are about straight up moidah... and little a bit of mob justice for good measure. Teenage me was stoked that my mum didn't notice. ~ HH