The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam ~ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Murder Monday Jam ~ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Republica ~ "Drop Dead Gorgeous"

Don't go changing every time
Not for me to compromise
You're still a friend of mine
Yeah yeah and you're drop dead gorgeous
You're forgiven
Yeah yeah
Drop dead

Ripped straight out of one of the best horror soundtracks around, Republica's Drop Dead Gorgeous was the perfect addition to a new generation of genre slashers. Just like Scream, this song is all about a lying ex-boyfriend, except in Drop Dead Gorgeous the ex-boyfriend is a really hot guy who gets by on being hot, no matter how harshly he fucks up, not a sociopath who's setting himself up to get away with murder. It's no secret that we all know people like this, y'know, the ones who know that they're hot and that they'll always be's about time they all dropped fucking dead, isn't it.  ~HH